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The Story Of Speculaas

Van de Loo’s Original Speculaas is real, hand-baked, speculaas from Holland.  Our artisan bakeries only use the authentic speculaas spices and real butter.

Speculaas is a unique specialty cookie from Holland.  The cookie was developed in the 17th century, during the Dutch golden age, when exotic spices from the Dutch Indies became increasingly available and Bakery guilds started to experiment with new flavor combinations.  One of the secret recipes that gloriously survived the ages is nowadays known as speculaas.

The traditional speculaas spices consisting of nutmeg, pepper, coriander, mace, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and clove still form the core of Van de Loo’s Original Speculaas to this day.


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Specialty Food Store – Holland, MI

‘Real speculaas is a new thing for us to carry. Right now we only carry speculoos, but we’re really excited for our customers to try this new product.’

Jill – Cabin John, MD

Yum! My family loved these cookies. The spices are perfectly balanced, and they have such an amazing crunch and buttery taste. Will be buying these again!

Jessi – West Haven, VT

Great authentic speculaas spice cookies!

Awesome cookies! Authentic speculaas cookies are difficult to to find, especially for us here in The States. These are flavorful, crispy and chewy!

Anna – Olathe, CO

I was looking for the most authentic Speculaas taste that I could remember from Holland. These definitely were what I was looking for. They are much better than the Dutch windmill cookies that you find in the stores. I would definitely purchase these again.

Barbara – El Cajon, CA

These are the best speculaas available! The flavor and freshness is great for import product. They are a little spendy but worth it considering how large they are. You can taste the butter and all the great spices! It is a special treat!

Michael, Portland, OR

A very good cookie from Holland. The tin is very nice and the cookies are very delicious. They are very good cookies being handmade in bakery.

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